Doe Deere Enjoys Relaxing Mornings

Doe Deere is a powerful player in the vast beauty and style universe these days. That’s the reason she has seemingly countless dedicated followers located all around the world. Deere founded Lime Crime, a beloved cosmetics brand that’s known for its penchant for bright and striking colors. The company runs out of sun-kissed Los Angeles, California, where Deere currently resides.


Deere is a person who leads a routine-oriented lifestyle. She begins her day at 8:30 in the morning. She doesn’t rely on an alarm to get up. She goes above and beyond to receive a minimum of nine hours of precious shut-eye on a nightly basis. She believes that ample rest is essential for attaining and maintaining skin that’s beautiful, glowing and fresh. Deere is also a big proponent of water consumption. She drinks H20 soon after waking up in the morning. She tries to drink an entire glass of it. Doe spends most of her time in Los Angeles, a city that’s chock-full of air that’s excessively dry. That’s the reason she’s so interested in hydration.


Doe starts stretching exercises after drinking water. Stretching her body at the beginning of the day helps her feel flexible and limber. She tries to stretch to keep rigidity and stiffness at bay. Deere is particularly fond of “cat/camel” stretches. The stretches are good for her back.


Once Deere’s stretching sessions are complete, she prepares her breakfast. She loves chowing down on grits in the morning. Grits are a popular variety of hot cereal. They’re particularly popular among people who reside in the Southern region of the United States. Other breakfast essentials for Deere include orange juice, fresh fruit and yogurt. She creates orange juice on her own, too. That’s thanks to the lovely tree that’s located on her property.


This makeup guru is a big fan of the calendar that’s available on her mobile device. She says that it essentially takes charge of her daily existence. When she wakes up in the morning, she looks at this calendar prior to doing anything else.


Makeup application is a big part of Deere’s busy mornings. She’s fond of enjoying music as she puts cosmetics on. She’s particularly enamored by the Beatles. Abbey Road was a big part of her childhood, after all. When she hears Abbey Road, she often starts feeling quite nostalgic.


Deere has a strong daily skincare regimen. She’s a big fan of the face cleanser from Glossier. She appreciates the fact that it’s so gentle on the skin. She also adores its pleasant and elegant rose fragrance. She puts moisturizer on her skin prior to makeup application. She loves using the Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence from Murad. Deere typically chooses between two different foundations. She admires Studio Fix from MAC. She also admires the True Match Foundation from drugstore makeup brand powerhouse L’OrĂ©al. She uses Studio Fix any time she wants to paint the town red. She uses True Match Foundation when she wants her complexion to appear wonderfully matte, too.


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