Fabletics: Disrupting the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has remained the same for the majority of the time it has been around. Since it has been around for years, there were some changes that had to happen to make sure people were getting the clothing they needed. In fact, it was necessary for people to do something about all the different fashion industry problems that were happening throughout the centuries. Fabletics was the answer to all the problems. The company knew they had to do something to make a difference and all of that led to them doing their best business. They wanted to show people they could try the different types of clothes.


When Fabletics first started, Kate Hudson knew she could be an influential part of the brand. She also knew she would need to make it something people could rely on. Since she was a relatable person, she worked out as the best brand ambassador the brand could have chosen. She was also able to show people there were different things they would realize once they had become a part of the brand. It gave them the motivation they needed to continue helping other people and getting more from the situations they were in.


Out of everything Fabletics had done for their customers, offering them something that was convenient was one of the best things they could have chosen. In fact, it was one of the only ways the brand knew how to help their customers. They also knew they would need to give their customers the different options that would allow them the chance to truly choose which clothes would be the best for them. As long as Fabletics has been in business, they have been giving people what they need to try and help them. They have always done their best to offer all the newest opportunities to customers who are a part of the company.


While there are different things customers must do to shop with Fabletics, signing up for an account is one of the first. To sign up for an account, customers must take the Lifestyle Quiz. There, they’ll answer questions about the things they like and the things they want to use the clothes for. It will give them a chance to tell the company more about them and about what they plan to do. The Style Quiz is what sets Fabletics apart from other traditional retailers.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Taking Command in the Fashion e-Commerce Market

In order to be a real dominant force in the fashion e-commerce market, you have to be willing to compete with the giant in the retail world. Amazon does not mess around in this space, they have enjoyed top billing for years and don’t feel they need to mess with a successful formula in order to stay competitive. That may be about to change in the near future as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is about to make a serious charge towards the top of this industry. In less than three short years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already made well over $250 million is sales.


Dominating the fashion e-commerce market is possible if the numbers continue at the rate they are rolling, yet Hudson says the success of this athleisure brand is all about giving back to her loyal customers. Reverse showrooming and member perks are the two pillars in which Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is built, and her customers are certainly responding. Look at any of the retail Fabletics stores in the mall, here you discover women are not shopping like you would think. These customers are browsing racks, trying on clothing, taking a Lifestyle Quiz, and leaving without making a purchase.


This doesn’t appear to be a formula that will continue to yield $350 million, yet it is doing just that. Women who have a membership and browse in the mall stores find those items getting uploaded to their online accounts, allowing them to continue their shopping later when they feel they have more time to focus on the larger inventory. That is what they do, browse the vast inventory, buy more colors and styles based on the size they know fits, and stuff those online carts with more apparel from yoga pants, tank tops, to colorful leggings.


On top of that, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is also rewarding loyal customers with free shipping for their online orders, deep discounts on anything online or at the mall shops, and even the help of their very own personal shopping assistant. The rewards just keep coming, and new shoppers are quickly becoming loyal customers that not only love the quality and fit of the workout apparel, but the way they are pampered along the way.


If Amazon is comfortable charging $79 to their members to get reduced shipping, it might be only a matter of time before these shoppers find Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and take advantage of a real shopping experience.

Fabletics-Why They are so Popular

Fabletics is a company that offers trendy active wear at a very reasonable price. Their subscription style of VIP membership is very convenient and popular and even offers personalized service to their customers. Fabletcis has managed to became worth $250 million in a market where Amazon currently dominates about 20% of the fashion market.


Fabletics did not go the pop up store method that most new companies follow but instead it took its time, grew slowly and got to know their market first before expanding slowly and gradually. Fabletics is growing by about 35% every year and continues t grow in popularity. High value brands have long been defined by the price and quality of the product but that has recently changed. Now the customer defines a high quality product as having such qualities like customer experience, last-mile service, and brand recognition.


Fabletics has followed a different model when it came t starting out and because of it they now have 30-50% of their customers tat walk into their stores as current members with 25% additional customers becoming members right in their retail stores. Any purchase made but their customers also counts towards their shopping basket, whether they buy apparel online of in their retail stores. This has also helped them to avoid having potential customers browse offline and then buying items at cheaper price somewhere else.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and she keeps an eye on the way sales are going. She reviews the sales of her company every week and if an item or items are not selling well, she will remove them from her collection. Hudson only wants to keep items in stock that will sell and this also keeps the customer happy. Social media, real-time sales activity, and store heat mapping data also help decide what the most popular items are.


Fabletics is all about giving their customers what they want at an incredible price. Hudson wants to encourage everyone to live a healthier lifestyle and her clothes are meant to motivate her customers to get active and to love the way that they look whatever their size or body type. Hudson recently expanded her sizes so that they range form XXS to 3X. it was a lot of extra work but it was worth it to expand her client base.


When new members join Fabletics they are strongly encouraged to fill out a Lifestyle Quiz. The results form this quiz help Fabletics to give them the real VIP treatment with a personalized shopping experience. It also provides Fabletics with invaluable information that helps them to create new collections that will become popular and will be what is in the best interest of their customers.


Fabletics gets her inspiration form her mom, Goldie Hawn, and is a part of the Hawn Foundation which is teaching kids about mindfulness. Hudson believes that it is very important to focus on what is important and if you keep that in mind then you can become fearless.