Adam Milstein Discusses Living In The Moment

A handful of people look at problems, or challenges, as an opportunity for a solution, as opposed to something insurmountable and cumbersome. Simply making that little change in one’s vernacular, and starting to treat problems as a means to get creative, can completely change lives. As previously stated, some already have reworked their minds, and they welcome problems as a chance to put themselves to the test. Adam Milstein currently works as a Managing Director at Hager Pacific Properties, but what really stands out is his massive resume of philanthropy that does indeed create solutions for others.


Israel, Mr. Adam Milstein’s home country, is unfortunately in a war-torn part of the world, and is representative of a blur of a protracted religious divide, that has been ongoing, seemingly since the dawn of time. Some of us dream of playing fantasy geography, where we move Israel, and all of its industrious, and often times wildly intelligent, people to a safer part of the world, but that said, their reality today is, in some ways, quite the antithesis of such idyllic circumstances.


Mr. Milstein has used his wealth and power to help those of Israel by sitting on the Boards of several foundations, organizations and charities meant to make the lives of those in Israel easier where possible. He is involved with Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network , and many others. The way in which Mr. Milstein works incorporates philanthropic pursuits into his daily life.


Capitalistic pursuits by day allow him the freedom to balance his life with giving away some of his wealth to those who need it, and to organizations working to effect change. When people talk about balance in one’s life, it is normally spoken of in regards to managing family and work, but that is not all balance is about. A truly balanced life involves being as industrious as possible , and capitalizing on your own opportunities. This will allow those who are fortunate to give back, and therefore create a legacy of altruism, and making others lives a bit better.


The world is filled with those very concerned with making their pile bigger, but that pile only has value to you while you have oxygen in your lungs, so it is crucially important to do with it what you wish, lest you never have the opportunity to do so. Mr. Adam Milstein is likely a man who gets this, so he does not put off until tomorrow helping those that he can today.


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